Nature is unpredictable and disaster can strike at any moment.

Being in the farming business, you should understand better that the act of nature can cause severe disaster. The reality is that farm businesses fail from a lack of productivity over a period which erodes their equity and capacity to endure the disaster years. Since the future cannot be predicted, developing a safety net is ideal to protect against complete financial wreck when disaster strikes.

When should MPCI be purchased?

Multi-peril crop insurance has specific deadlines and should be bought before planting. It covers loss of revenue due to decline in the prices of agricultural commodities during the insurance period as well as the loss of crop yields from the different types of natural causes such as freeze, extreme moisture, drought and disease.

Benefits of MPCI Coverage

In what areas can MPCI be useful?

Hire Northern Ag LLC

With market and weather conditions constantly changing, it is essential to know you can protect the future of your commodities with crop insurance from Northern Ag LLC. We offer a full range of Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) plans through our reliable insurance partners (Farmers Mutual Hail, and AgRisk Management Technologies (ARMtech) and will help to match the correct policy for your farm. The available insurance plans include yield Protection, revenue protection, Margin Protection, whole-Farm Revenue coverage and lots more.
When you hire Northern Ag, you can rest assured knowing that your legacy is secure should disaster strike. We will stand by you during demoralizing storms and falling crop prices with top-quality services, integrity and expertise.


For questions about MPCI plans or to book a free MPCI consultation, ask a professional at Northern Ag Inc today.